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Top 10 Great Britons…

…in IT history, that is.

Iain Thomson and Shaun Nichols compiled a list of IT luminaries for (formerly known as vnunet).


Encouragingly, along with such stars as Tim Berners-Lee, Ada Lovelace, and Alan Turing, no less than two names particularly well-known to the anti-malware industry featured in the article: namely, Dr. Alan Solomon, who actually made the top ten, and Graham Cluley, fresh from his triumph at the Computer Weekly awards, who got an honourable mention.

Congratulations, guys, especially Graham, who really deserves placing above Sir Alan Sugar, being much less grumpy and much better at karaoke.

OK. You’re right: I made up the bit about karaoke. 😉 I’m having a Be Nice To Sophos week. Well, a couple of hours, maybe.

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