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Blackberry Flavour: Old Whine in a New Bottle

Connoisseurs of hoaxes will be pleased that an old friend has turned up in a new dress for a new platform.

Oliver Devane has reported on the Avertlabs blog (wow! that’s a long URL!) that he’s received an example of the type of message that reads something like “if you get a message from [whoever] don’t open it: he’s a hacker and will bring down your system”.

I’ve seen a heck of a lot of these over the years, but this one is different in one or two respects. Most significantly, it’s tailored for the Blackberry and sent out via Blackberry Messenger. I rather like the fact that the alleged hacker is apparently female. Somehow, this seems appropriate at a time when over 50% of the US workforce is, apparently, now also female. I guess the glass ceiling is cracking: maybe it’s the cold weather.

Interestingly, Oliver suggests that the explosion of social networks may be contributing to a rise in hoaxes, chain letters and other spam, because it’s getting easier all the time to add contacts across platforms.

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