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And I thought I was quite softly spoken…

I was more than a little flattered to find myself included in Sys-Con Media’s Top 25 “Most Powerful Voices in Security” (article by Jim Kaskade). (Let’s not get too excited: I just scraped in at number 22.) But when I checked through the whole top 100 and saw some very familiar names there, I’d have been grateful to scrape in at #100, let alone in the top quarter.

Actually, it’s a little scary too, to get some idea of how many people might notice when I get something wrong. Oh yes, it does happen…

The study apparently included researched over 800 people, including security company executives, bloggers and media people, top names in cloud computing,  government officials, CISOs, and industry analysts. So it’s not surprising to see big hitters like Eugene Kaspersky, Rich Mogull, Brian Krebs and Bruce Schneier in there.

 On a more personal level, congratulations to Graham Cluley and Richi Jennings, both of whom were, inevitably, much higher placed than I was. 🙂 (Hat tip, too, to Dan Raywood for drawing my attention to it.)

Enough self-congratulation: back to the grindstone…

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Schneier Prognostications

I’m afraid I’ve been preoccupied with other things for the past week or two, and I’ve had to keep my blogging down to  a minimum. And this isn’t going to be longest article of my life.

However, the “Hype-free” blog ( is generally worth keeping an eye on, even when an article is just a few links (making this article a link to some links, so I suppose if I was to advertise it in email, it could be described as a chain letter).

In fact, these are pretty interesting links: the first six are “face-offs” between Bruce Schneier and Marcus Ranum on topics such as social networking and security metrics. Additionally, there are a couple of Schneier’s Open Rights Group security talks.

I’m not an uncritical admirer of Bruce Almighty: I take exception to some poorly-grounded and misleading statements he’s made in the context of malware and anti-malware. But he’s on the money often enough (and entertaining enough)  to make these videos worth a look.

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