Should TalkTalk block TeamViewer?

It’s hardly a secret that TalkTalk has had problems with tech support scams. Or at any rate its customers have, leading to suspicions that some of the scammers “… know more about their intended victims (and their issues with TalkTalk) than they should.” I don’t suppose for a moment that TalkTalk is actively cooperating with known […]

Support scammer targeting TalkTalk customer (again)

There have been suspicions before that TalkTalk customers have been targeted by tech support scammers who know more about their intended victims (and their issues with TalkTalk) than they should. I’ve alluded to them in some articles on this site. I don’t, of course, know the facts behind those suspicions, but I note that Graham […]

TalkTalk too TalkTalkative?

For the Register, Kat Hall revisits the allegations that the security of TalkTalk customers was compromised by data leaked to support scammers. In the BBC’s Moneybox programme it was claimed that ‘criminals appear to have accessed the details of TalkTalk engineer home visits and have gone on to use this information to trick customers’. It’s not altogether […]

TalkTalk and Wipro still TalkTalking?

A slightly opaque story about TalkTalk and arrests at the Indian call centre it’s been using to lighten its support load. My commentary for ITSecurity UK: Wipro Wipeout? Call Centres and Scams David Bisson for Graham Cluley’s blog: TalkTalk phone scams: arrests made at Indian call center Shaun Nichols for The Register: Indian call centre workers accused of harvesting […]

Tech Support Scammers Target BT Customers

Well, this isn’t the first time. But a report by Kat Hall for The Register suggests that some of the scammers may have more information about potential victims than they should. Which makes me wonder whether there’s a leak similar to that affecting TalkTalk customers. I’ve certainly been contacted in the past by BT sales […]

Talk Talk fined for support scam issue

The Register: TalkTalk fined £100k for exposing personal sensitive info – 21,000 accounts handled by Indian outsourcing biz exposed ‘…TalkTalk found an issue with the UK ISP’s portal … One of the companies with access to the portal was Wipro, a multinational IT services company in India that resolved high level complaints and addressed network coverage problems on […]

PC ‘Tech Support’ Scam Resources

[15th January 2018] I’m a little behind the curve here: I’ve just noticed an article by Martijn Grooten of Virus Bulletin from 5th January offering Tips on researching tech support scams. I’ve worked with Martijn a couple of times on support-scam-related research in the past, so pleased to see he’s still working away on that particular […]