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Support scams: fake Apple site

I’ve just added some links to the Support Scam Resources page:

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More Support Scammer Phone Info

After my article yesterday about support scammer phone info shared by several people on Twitter – Support scammer phone numbers – Jérôme Segura pointed out that there is a list of scammer-related phone numbers on the Malwarebytes page here. As I’ve pointed out previously, there’s lots of other useful info there too.

[Added to resources page, of course]

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Support scammer phone numbers

Several phone numbers have been shared today on Twitter, apparently associated with support scammers. I haven’t checked them personally,.

@bartblaze  has listed several numbers associated with the sort of fake alert pop-ups and related sites I described in Tech Support Scams: Top of the Pop-Ups. His list is here. He also has a list here of numbers associated with cold-calling scammers, and a more general article on support scams here.

 added +47 64 74 78 57

@xme (Xavier Mertens) apparently has some numbers on his diary, but I don’t have a link for that unless he’s referring to the Internet Storm Center diary, in which case you’d need to do some searching there, if you’re interested in more information.

Resource page updated accordingly.

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Pop-up Support Scams – on a screen near you

I’ve added a link to the another article to the support scam resources page: this one is by me for ESET, on the way support scams are gradually moving away from simple-minded cold-calling to fake-AV-like pop-ups, intended to trick victims into making the initial telephone contact. The scams are aimed not only at Windows users but at users of OS X and iOS, Android, and even (rather ineptly) Linux. How many Linux users believe their system uses an NT Kernel? (And no, Wine doesn’t either: it implements the App Binary Interface in userspace, not in a kernel module.)

Here’s the direct link to the ESET article: Tech Support Scams: Top of the Pop-Ups

And an article for Mac Virus expands on the cross-platform issues.

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