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Another tech support scam resource

Added to the resources page at a blog for ESET on support scams. To be precise, how support scammers sometimes convince you that they’re providing product support on behalf of the vendor.

  1. By social engineering in the course of a cold-call.
  2. By seeding the web with sites and using SEO to promote them that support their claims to provide AV tech support, though they’re unlikely to claim there that they’re directly affiliated with individual companies.

I had a lot of helpful discussion with ESET’s support team that inspired the article. And I regard this kind of fraud as an insult to the sterling work that real AV tech support teams do.

Tech Support Scammers: Talking to a Real Support Team

Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow

Support scams update

Just added to the tech support scam page here: a link to a lengthy blog I recently put up on the ESET site.

Here’s a direct link to that blog article: Tech Support Scam Update: Still Flourishing, Still Evolving.

It includes some information on gambits gleaned from people who’ve commented on ESET articles on the topic, from blogs by Martijn Grooten and Jerome Segura, and from some conversations I had at this year’s Virus Bulletin conference a few weeks ago. The misuse of ping for convincing Mac users they have a problem is particularly interesting, though they’ll need to find another approach now. (All is explained in the article.)

David Harley
Small Blue-Green World
ESET Senior Research Fellow