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Important info for AVIEN Members.

This section will shortly have a full FAQ, please check back frequently, we're gradually putting everything together here, so please check for information here rather than emailing us if possible.

Q: I was already a member of AVIEWS/AVIEN, what happens now?

A: If you already were a subscriber to AVIEN or AVIEWS you are automatically a member of the new AVIEN.

Q: Do I have to register again on the new site? I tried to log in with my old credentials (username/password) but it did not work. 

A: Unfortunately, yes, you have to create a new login (you can use the same details) for the new avien.net site. However, at the moment, there's not much in the member area. Details of the lists etc will be added shortly. 

Q: Do previous AVIEN members get a discount or extension?

A: All former AVIEN memberships with more than three months to run at the time of changeover (April 14th 2008) automatically receive a 1 month extension on their membership to cover the slightly higher subscription fees that AVIEN members formerly paid.

Q: I had a two/three year membership, what happens now?

A: We will honor all current memberships for their full term, former AVIEN members will receive a pro-rated extension to membership of one month per outstanding year on any membership with more than three months to run.

Q: What happened to Robert Vibert?

A: We hope he's having a lot of fun, enjoying himself and doing the things described here. Robert is no longer involved in AVIEN, although we hope he will still come and have a donut with us from time to time.

Q: What's a CDO?

A: When AVIEN was founded, it was decided that although Robert Vibert was granted the
title of Benevolent Dictator for the organization, a counter-balance was needed to keep things
orderly. So he was also crowned Chief Donut Officer, a title he accepted in good spirits and
which lead to many donut related jokes during the early months.
Donuts are a well-known essential source of nourishment for the harried anti-malware
researcher and administrator during working hours. (At other times, other condiments and
liquids are commonly consumed...)
With Robert's retirement from AVIEN, the CDO title and official jersey were also retired. 

Q: Who is running AVIEN and what happened to the Management/Disciplinary Committee.

A: AVIEN is run by Andrew Lee of ByteMatrix Limited, an original AVIEN founding Member, David Harley of Small Blue-Green World, another original AVIEN founder, and Christine Lee, General Manager of ByteMatrix Limited. A non-executive management committee will consist of five AVIEN members, to be announced shortly, once they've all accepted the positions. The aim is to have a group of people who represent the full range of AVIEN member interests.

Q: What will happen to the old lists and websites?

A: All AVIEN resources will be consolidated around this site (http://avien.net), and eventually all lists will be transitioned to the avien.net domain. This will reduce confusion, ease administration, and generally save everyone the headache of managing thirty-odd different domain names and multiple different servers. We will make announcements about all changes to the lists, please make sure that your spam filter is able to receive messages coming from bytematrix.co.uk, avien.net and smallblue-greenworld.co.uk. Unfortunately, because of spoofing, this could mean you receive some spam, however, if you contact us, we can give you more specific information to help reduce the risk of this.

Q: Will the lists be the same?

A: Some of the low traffic lists will be decommissioned, and the focus will be on two central discussion lists, and two lists for advisories and alerts. Should the need arise more lists will be created for specific purposes. We hope that this will again reduce confusion, and revitalize the discussions within a more focused area.

Q: Will there be any 'non-vendor' groups within AVIEN?

A: Depending on interest, we may be able to provide various sub-groups within AVIEN, which may have their own rules for access. This could include such groups as 'vendor-only' or 'non-vendor only' groups, though all groups are still subject to the general rules and terms and conditions.

Q: Why have the groups merged?

A: Largely due to the work AVIEN has done, there is now a much greater spirit of openness and collaboration between the world of the anti-malware solution vendor and the corporate anti-malware defense administrator. Not only that, but the modern malware threatscape has evolved to a completely different place than it was eight years ago when AVIEN first formed, it is our belief that we are stronger united and more focussed in a single force than two organizations which had become, to all intents and purposes, the same thing. This spirit of collaboration and openness extended to enable the creation of the AVIEN Malware Defense Guide, and we hope that in future, as one group we will be able to do even greater things.

Q: Have the fees gone up?

A: No, in fact, for AVIEN members, they will have gone down, though sadly, we can't do much about the exchange rate, as subscription fees are due in GBP. We have also greatly streamlined the payment options, we will now only offer single year memberships (over 90% of subscribers used this option anyway), and this will reduce administration cost and overhead, allowing us to keep costs down.

Q: Will I be able to get a multi-year subscription?

A: Unfortunately, not at this point, we have found in the past that it is very difficult to track memberships in this way, and often the people who started the membership left part way through, and no-one knew what it was anymore. The vast majority of subscribers used the one year option anyway. We're sorry if that inconveniences you.

Q: Who designed the new AVIEN logo?

A: The logo was designed by Veridon http://www.veridon.com