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AVIEN Malware Defense Guide


AVIEN Malware Defense Guide for the EnterpriseThis exciting project, undertaken by members of AVIEN (and at the time, AVIEWS), and edited by David Harley, was published by Syngress in the fall of 2007. AVIEN members represent the best-protected large organizations in the world, nearly all of the major anti-malware solution vendors and millions of users. Now for the first time, this community of experts have collaborated on a comprehensive guide to malware defense, intended to pass on their combined knowledge and the benefits of their experience to others facing the challenges posed by modern malware.

The collective members of AVIEN are uniquely qualified to create such a book as the membership comprises many of the brightest minds currently working on malware-related issues. The book also demonstrates the the value of combining practical research skills with the writing experience of others, resulting in a wonderful blend of deeply researched, yet easily accessible information.

The book is a guide to managing malicious software and related security issues within the enterprise. The uniqueness of this book lies in its partnership between highly experienced, highly qualified corporate security practitioners and the anti-malware research community, as represented by AVIEN. Headed by the experienced author David Harley, not only widely published, but also experienced in managing large scale networks, this book was only possible through his commitment and knowledge of the field, and his ability to herd the other authors into a cohesive unit, producing what has fast become one of the essential books on the modern malware problem.

For more information please visit David's page about the book